Perennial Flowers for Cutting

A full flat containers 16 perennial plants; 2 each of 8 varieties. A half-flat contains 1 each of 8 perennial plants, for 8 plants total. 4″ pot size.

Leucanthemum - Shasta Crazy Daisy - has huge tousled white flowers with vivid yellow centers for two months in early summer. 24" tall.
Crocosmia Lucifer – Arching spikes of brilliant red attract hummingbirds. Clumps become denser every year, divide every 3-4 years, 40” tall.
Painted Daisy Robinson's Rose produced abundant pink flowers for your arrangements. More double flowers the second year. 20" tall.
Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue with White Eye is a spectacular flower. After flowering, cut down the first spikes and fertilize, and more spikes will appear. 36", full sun.
Dianthus Nigrescens has deepest crimson flower heads, and beautiful mahogany foliage. Trim flower stems after bloom to encourage more blossoms. 16", full sun.
Penstemon Carillo Red brings forth clouds of small flowers that create a spectacular display in your garden. 16" tall
Achillea Summer Berries has unique colors of red, scarlet, rose, and claret. This is a great flower arranging, long lasting in the home, 20"
Salvia Superba Select is a vigorous perennial that will make dozens of violet spikes for your arrangements. 18" tall.