Unique Annual Samplers

A full flat contains 8 trays of 4 plants, for a total of 32 plants; a half-flat contains 4 trays of 4 plants, for a total of 16 healthy starts – 4 different old-fashioned varieties in every flat.

Zinnia Super Cactus Giant bears huge, shaggy, zinnia flowers in crayon-box colors. 20" tall, full sun.
Aster Princess Mix blooms in midsummer,. producing dozens of beautiful sprays per plant that last for weeks in water. 18" tall.
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun is a glorious daisy flower with a vibrant green center, sometimes 7" in diameter. 24" tall.
NIgella, or Persian Jewels, has incredibly exotic white blooms followed by pretty purple pods for winter arrangements or wreaths.
Scabiosa, or Pinchushion Flower, has pretty flowers with white stamens on long, wiry stems. Children love these flowers!
Amaranthus Aurora, one of the *summer poinsettias* has lovely yellow/green flowers great for cutting or winter drying. 22" tall.
Statice Suworowii, or Rat-Tailed Statice is a handsome plant for the back of your border or for large pots. Luscious pink flowers, 24" tall.
Arctotis Harlequin Mix will please with its' abundance of pretty daisies in many colors. 14" tall, full sun.
Torenia Duchess Mix contains sparkling pink, blue and white monkey-face flowers all summer long. Perfect in a sunny planter. 12" tall.
Celosia Armor Mix will bear huge, fat cockscombs in wild neon colors. No flower is more admired by small children, it's worth growing just to see them touch it. 10" tall.
Vinca Valiant Mix will thrive in your hottest sun and cover the glossy green foliage with brilliant 2" flowers in shades of rose, red, and pink. 12" tall