Ground Cover Sampler

A full flat containers 16 perennial plants; 2 each of 8 varieties. A half-flat contains 1 each of 8 perennial plants, for 8 plants total. 4″ pot size.

Aubretia Audrey Light Blue returns each spring as a sheet of violet flowers. It's best in full sun. 4" tall, spreads to 16" wide.
Sedum Angelina is has hardy chartreuse foliage all year long. This is a GREAT perennial. Also nice in containers, 5" tall x 16" wide.
Arenaria Flurry is a compact, long-lived perennial that reaches 10" in height and is beloved by bees. It makes a tidy 12" mound, full sun.
Ajuga Golden Glow is a striking ground cover for shade or sun, with blue flowers in June. Plant near Leptinella for a pretty contrast. 6" tall, spreading.
Vinca Illumination has durable gold and green foliage, and pretty violet flowers in early summer. A dependable and lovely groundcover.
Leptinella Platt's Black is a perfect little ground cover, forming a tidy mat of feather black and green foliage. Striking!
Armeria Dwarf Thrift is just plain cute, with its grassy foliage and tidy floral balls, Long-lived and hardy.
Saginella, Scotch Moss, makes a golden mat where it grows that accents other colors and garden features.