Organic Herb Samper

A full flat contains 16 plants, two each of 8 favorite culinary herb varieties. A half-flat contains 1 each of 8 varieties, for 8 plants total. 4″ pot size

Leaves of sage may be dried for cooking or sachets, or used fresh, and the plant is pretty in bloom.
Fresh basil is great to have on hand for summer meals.
Thyme is a superior carpeting plant, and its flavor complements many dishes.
Chives are a welcome addition to many delicious meals.
Rosemary is essential for roasting chicken, and is a beautiful perennial plant as well.
Marjoram makes a handsome plant in the garden, and is a savory addition to soups and stews.
Lavender is great for sachets, but can also be used in cooking. Last summer I made a lavender-fig compote that was to die for!
A beautiful garnish, parsley is also a healthful addition to many dishes.
Oregano may be used fresh or dried for winter use.