Perennial Flowers for Cutting

A full flat containers 16 perennial plants; 2 each of 8 varieties. A half-flat contains 1 each of 8 perennial plants, for 8 plants total. 4″ pot size.

Rudbeckia Goldstrum is glorious in late summer - dought resistant and long bloom. Perfect for your sunniest spot.
Crocosmia Lucifer – Arching spikes of brilliant red attract hummingbirds. Clumps become denser every year, divide every 3-4 years, 40” tall.
Matricaria Virgo is a perfect cut flower and bouquet filler, and dries beautifully for winter. 24 " tall, full sun.
Gaillardia Tojaker is a colorful blanket flower, perfect for summer arangements. 32-40", full sun.
Dianthus nigrescens has handsome bronze foliage and large flower heads of deepest red for early summer beauty. Long-lived and hardy, 16", full sun.
Delphinium Blue Cloud produces drifts of brilliant blue flowers all summer long. 18" tall, cut back and fertilize after blooming to encourage a second flowering.
Gypsophila Snowflake, or Baby's Breath, is indispensible for flower arrangers. Cut back to stimulate new flowering stems. 20".
Campanula latifolia macrantha creates a lacy cloud of rich violet bells, and is a durable perennial plant/ 24", full sun.