Perennial Flowers for Cutting

A full flat containers 16 perennial plants; 2 each of 8 varieties. A half-flat contains 1 each of 8 perennial plants, for 8 plants total. 4″ pot size.

Leucanthemum Brightside produces dozens of perfect yellow-centered daisies for two months in early summer. 24" tall. Plant ini full sun to reduce need to stake.
Crocosmia Lucifer – Arching spikes of brilliant red attract hummingbirds. Clumps become denser every year, divide every 3-4 years, 40” tall.
Carnation Raspberry Ripple is a peprfect flower for smaller arrangements. So pretty! 14" tall, full sun.
Delphinium BLue Donna was bred to be a cut flower. After flowering, cut down the first spikes and fertilize, and more spikes will appear. 32-40", full sun.
Dianthus Electron blooms in May and June, producing masses of brightly colored flowers with eyes. 16", full sun.
Gaillardia Amber Wheels is glorious in midsummer, with clear yellow flowers and a brilliant red eye. Great, long-lived perennial nicer every year. 12"
Campanula Teleham Beauty reaches 36" in height, and stems are strongest when planted in full sun. Beautiful violet bells!
Geum Lady Stratheden produces clouds of perfect, roselike yellow flowers in late spring. Wonderful cut flower! 18" tall.