Tray Pack Annual Flowers

A full flat contains 6 trays of 6 plants, for a total of 36 plants; and a half-flat contains 3 trays of 6 plants, for a total of 18 healthy young plants.

Alyssum 'Wonderland White' is a great addition to planters and baskets, or a delicate edging for a traditional border.
Marigold 'Dwarf Mix' will provide a splash of color in the hottest part of your garden.
Cosmos 'Sonata Mix' reaches 24 inches in height and is lovely growing behind other annuals. It's a good cut flower as well.
Dwarf yellow marigolds are perfect for pots or edging in flowerbeds.
Dwarf dahlias from seed are long blooming and vigorous. Save the tubers of the best ones for another year of flowers.
'Color Festival' pansies will bloom all summer in full sun. It's best to pinch them in late summer if you want them to continue into fall.
Begonias are among the best garden performers in our area. They are always bright and neat, and never stop blooming.
Petunias are reliable and showy - pinch and feed when they get leggy to renew their beauty.
Impatiens 'Tempo Mix' will grow in sun to deep shade here in the Northwest, and covers itself with flowers until frost.
Salvia 'Victoria' adds cool violet blue to your patio pots or sunny flower beds.
Upright lobelia is perfect for borders or planters. There is nothing quite like its intense blue-purple color.
'Rocket' snapdragons are great additions to the flower garden. Trim back and feed after they flower to encourage another flowering.
Trailing lobelia is a classic component of hanging baskets and window boxes.
Verbena is a wonderful plant for a hot, sunny pot or border. They are perfect for planting where brilliant color is desired.