2021 Poinsettia Fundraiser Program

Poinsettias are growing for your Holiday Fundraisers at  New Leaf Greenhouse.  Each year, we produce thousands of beautiful red, white, and pink poinsettias for our Fundraiser Partners to bring to their customers.

Deluxe Red Double Red poinsettias are available as 6″ single plant pots, and 8″ double plant pots.  6″ Singles will have 5-7 flowers, and stand about 12″ tall.  8″ Doubles will have 7-12 flowers, and will be about 14″ tall. Height can vary depending on how much sun with have in the autumn – sunny days mean shorter plants.
White 6 Inch We also produce many lovely white poinsettias, which are the favorites of many customers. They are raised as 6”single and 8” double plants as well, and provide beauty in the home when the Holidays have passed.
Pink 6 Glorious We love pink poinsettias here at New Leaf. Although they are not everyone’s choice for Holiday plants, they deserve a place in many homes. Their cheery color brightens December days. They are also produced in 6” single and 8” double sizes.