Not exactly bedding plants….

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If you like amaryllis, or more properly hippeastrum, and you just happen to like this color, we have some nice ones in the nursery for our opening weekend.  The flowers are truly glorious and last for a month or more.  We often see these stately flowers offered as bulbs around Christmastime, and they can be forced to bloom anytime. Here in the nursery, they bloom in March.  Last fall, we divided some of our monster plants – all descended from one I received at Christmas a decade ago.

If you have had trouble getting them to rebloom or multiply,  just be sure to give them the summer out it in the sun somewhere, and fertilize them like any other plant – once a week with liquid something-er-other.  They work all summer to make and store the buds that will emerge in late winter, and the more vigorously they grow in summer, the more buds they can make.  They’re in 9″ pots, where they can thrive for several years.  

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