Specials for Our 2012 Opening Weekend!

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We’re opening next Saturday, March 16th!
Rain or shine, we’ll be opening up on March 16.  We’ll have some great specials to get your garden going, and we’ll have lots of beautiful perennials and a few hardy annuals out that are ready to plant.
We’ve got an choice selection of beautiful plants that are already in full bloom. And to celebrate our opening we’re putting the best bloomers of the season on sale.

4″ Pansies are 5 for $5.00
reg. $1.50

Bleeding Heart gallons are $5.95
reg. $7.95

Erysimum ‘Mauve Bowles’ are $4.95
reg. $5.95

Iceland Poppies ‘Champagne Bubbles’ are $4.75
reg. $5.95
Unadvertised Special!

Australian Mint Bush gallon $5.95
reg $7.95
We also have some exceptionally large and beautiful containers of the Australian mint bush. They are in 10″ pots and we will be offering them for $15.95 instead of their regular $19.95.
This season we will be posting exclusive specials on this blog. You won’t be able to find out about them anywhere else, so come back each week and see what we have to offer.
These specials are good from March 17th to March 26th.

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  • Jyoti Veeramoney


    I am looking for Indian Jasmine. Do you carry this plant by any chance.If not are you able to get it some time in the future.


    • Ginger


      Hello, Jyoti, We grow only two Jasmine varieties at New Leaf. We have the Golden Jasmine, Fiona Sunrise, and the Poet’s Jasmine, jasminum officionale. The Poet’s Jasmine is native to Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, and could be the one you seek. It is winter hardy here, and will also grow in a container. The plants overwintered in the greenhouse are blooming now, and are wonderfully fragrant. We have 10″ pots for $19.95, and 1-gallon plants just starting to bloom for $6.50. thanks! Ginger Steele, New Leaf Greenhouse…


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